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About Me

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About Me

I am Tasneem S Khan, Sr. Quality Analyst and a Blogger by profession based in Dubai.

Travelling has been my hobby from the beginning which is now turned into my passion. I have also explored many places in India and Saudi Arabia. Now dreaming to explore the world and share the same for you to explore, I am a kind of a person who strongly believes in converting dreams into reality, so in a course of time post my every trip I will also be sharing my Lifetime experiences during my journey of my traveling.

I also aim at building a platform where people across the globe can exchange their experience with the world, so you are free to share your life experience (anything you would love to share) on my website where I promise you to publish it on my blog.

It will be fun to go through the different stories of people across the globe so stay tuned on my website. See you soon with my new Blogs, till then Take care!!!


  • Passionate to share my travel stories.
  • One of the most interesting travel blogger