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We aim to build a platform for everyone to pen their interesting stories and share them with the world hence this space is for each one of you who wants to share your own experience with the world. 

So feel free to share your knowledge, lifetime experiences, and life stories (inspirational, motivational, adventurous, funny, or sad), we even entertain your fiction stories (like horror, novel, content, etc.)

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  1. You can share your content or article through our mail at info@tskdiaries.
  2. Please ensure that your article should be of a minimum of 1000 words and should not exceed over 1200 words as the lengthy content of over 1300 words will not be reviewed. 
  3. We want our audience to be entertained, feel motivated and inspired so ensure that your content should be easy for them to understand and avoid unnecessary use of jargon hence keep it simple and precise.
  4. We prefer the article to be submitted in a plain text file, MS Word, or Google Doc file (edit mode), so avoid sending the article in PDF, HTML, or ZIP files. Please share your full name and you can also share your photo. The content will be thoroughly reviewed by Team TSK Diaries hence ensure to submit the unique and new content that has never been published on any other website or platform before.
  5. We like our article to be positive, interesting, motivating, informative, and funny hence avoid sharing negative or hateful content, also do not share condescending, controversial, or judgmental viewpoints in any content submitted.
  6. Any article encountered to be duplicated from another website or platform then the article will not be published on our site and the sender will not be notified about the same.
  7. If any received article or content does not match the above-requested guidelines then we either ask you the resubmit your content or the team will simply turn down your article.