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Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Bangalore that you must visit if you love creepy vibes.

Sleepless evenings have always been less about love and more about the paranormal realm for me. 

I had numerous questions about the haunted activities that were troubling me prior to beginning my investigation. For example, does the soul of the deceased return? Does the spirit truly possess the human body to accomplish its unfulfilled desire? Is an exorcism the only way to get rid of ghosts? Etc.

I’ve spent evenings reading about paranormal activity since I’m fascinated by the other world, and my study has given me positive results.

Following my study, I discovered that the paranormal world indeed exists, but these souls, ghosts, or spirits are not the departed ones, in fact, the other beings that have received a bounty from the Almighty in the form of supernatural powers. You can refer to them as Djinn, Jinn, Demon, Apparition, and so on. 

However, the other world is still a topic of debate among people. Some are convinced, while others are not. Some believe they are other creatures of Almighty, while others believe they are the spirits of their departed loved ones. It is a matter of personal preference and assumptions.

Share your thoughts about the paranormal realm in the comments section below.

Anyway, this article focus on some exciting haunted locations in the heart of Bangalore city. So continue reading to learn about these spooky locations.

The terror of Terra Vera at St Mark’s Road

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This home, built-in 1943 by EJ Vaz, an Anglo-Indian barrister, is considered one of Bangalore’s most haunted locations. The mansion was destroyed in February 2014 following horrendous tales and sightings of headless statues.

Let’s deep dive into this house’s terrible history. The origins of this terrifying home on Bangalore’s St. Marks Road date back to 2002. EJ Vaj, who had two daughters named Dolce – a Piano instructor, and Vera – An English tutor.

Dolce, the younger sister, was slain by an unknown assailant who broke into the house at midnight in front of Vera, the older sister. The police urged Vera to shift to a safer place after Dolce was buried in the house.

Vera left all the precious things that comprised a vintage automobile and furniture. The house has been deserted and several instances have indicated the presence of a wicked spirit.

Many people also claim that they saw inverted cruises and heard strange sounds coming from the mansion. Those who tried to click on the abandoned furnishings and vintage cars returned with dead batteries and unusable photos inside the property.

Eventually, the home was removed, but eerie views persisted on the site where previously stood the house.

The visitant Kalpalli Cemetery at Sarvagna Nagar

Tsk-Diaries-Haunted Cemetery

Many individuals are crept off by cemeteries. However, a visit to Bangalore’s Kalpalli cemetery located on the Old Madras road may send shivers down your spine.

Numerous bystanders have reported witnessing a creepy human-like figure near the graves at ungodly hours.

Furthermore, several people claim to have ghostly activity when traveling through the cemetery. There have also been reports of individuals seeing a wired man prowling around the cemetery at night who vanishes when confronted.

Despite the fact that I often pass through this famous cemetery, I have never encountered any such eerie activities.

The Creepy Call Center on MG Road

Tsk-Diaries-Haunted Call Center

Many of the world’s largest IT firms and contact centers are headquartered in Bangalore. However, when it comes to contact centers in Bangalore, there is one on M.G Road that has given many the creeps.

 According to the tale, a woman was hit by a car near this contact center on M.G Road some years ago. The car driver who hit her was intoxicated, and he fled the scene, leaving the lady crying for aid on the road, where she later died from her injuries.

Every year, the woman’s screams have been claimed to be heard on the night of that same date.

The notorious spooky bride – Naale Baa

Tsk-Diaries-Haunted Nale Baa

Naale Baa means “come tomorrow”. According to legend In the late 1990s, there was a terrifying occurrence in Bangalore Rural, since then a spirit of the bride searching for her fiancé wanders the streets at night.

She knocks on every door and imitates a family member’s voice in the hopes that someone would answer. If you open the door, it is claimed that she will take a male member of a family with her. Hence residents of various Karnataka villages inscribe “Naale Baa” on their doors to ward off evil spirits.

Stree, a Bollywood film starring Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao that was released in 2018, was solely based on this incident.

The haunted morgue of Victoria Hospital

Tsk-Diaries-Haunted Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital (a century-old structure near the City Market) is a must-see haunted attraction in Bangalore. It is rumored to be the site of unusual occurrences.

Nothing appears to be the reason for the hospital in Bangalore being a haunted location. People’s only plausible explanation is that hospital patients died. By that reasoning, every hospital should be haunted, but never mind!

According to some people at the hospital mortuary a few years ago, strange events were seen.

 A white ghostly apparition was said to have been seen on one of the trees of hospital premises, due to this The majority of the employees have begun to shun night shifts. But what sets this story apart is that this ghost is pursuing food rather than humans.

Many people claim that their food is often taken. So I suggest you get some delicious food for the unseen buddy you may encounter here if you plan to visit this location.

There are many other haunted places in and around Bangalore, to name a few:

  • The spirit of an old lady at Hoskote Route.
  • The apparition on NH4.
  • Possessed Banyan Tree.

Which one do you feel is creepier and cursed? Do comment below with your real experience or any other haunted location you know that sends a shiver down your spine. But if you want us to share your store, then click here

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