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Yercaud – A perfect 1 day unplanned trip from Bangalore

The next day it was my best friend’s birthday and we had to plan something unique for her special day and Instead of materialistic gifts, we wanted to create memories with her that would get embedded in our minds forever.  


Keeping this in mind we planned a surprise one-day trip to Yercaud, hence my bestie wasn’t aware of this plan until the last minute.

A journey to Yercaud Hillstation

I bumped into my friend’s PG and as planned my other three friends came to pick us up from her room, till the last minute my bestie thought that we are going for a long drive.

Cake cutting at petrol station on way to Yercaud

It was 11 in the night we started our unforgettable journey, after around 45 minutes of a drive we stopped at a Petrol station to fill our vehicle and there we surprised her with the cake cutting and enjoyed the moments with some pictures, selfies and then left towards our destination.

The interesting part is that she still didn’t have any idea about our plans, later she realized that we were not heading back home and that’s when we finally revealed our plan to her.

She was astonished to know that we are going for a day trip and her excitement increased to the level when she heard that our destination is Yercaud hillstation.

 Some mouthwatering snacks and some funky Music were making our road trip more incredible, we reached the Yercaud ghat section around 3:30 Am and by the time we reach the hilltop, it was 5 in the morning.


We had plans to witness the sunrise at Karadiyur viewpoint but unfortunately, we ended up in some random jungle because we lost the way and couldn’t locate the exact location due to poor network connectivity at the hilltop. as said by elderly people “whatever wrong happens to us will indeed have some hidden benefits in it” – although we couldn’t catch the mesmerizing beauty of sunrise we ended up going to some hidden, amazing and unknown spot, the early morning view was worth getting lost into these mountains and Deep Jungle.

After spending some quality time there, we were able to come out of that jungle with the help of some localities. These locals also recommended we visit the Pagoda viewpoint. The scenery that we saw from the Pagoda viewpoint was a visual treat to our eyes.

Birthday Girl Yercaud

We could rarely find any people there because we reached the place very early in the morning, and due to fewer crowds, we were able to enjoy the moments to the fullest.

Now the time was for breakfast and we were looking for some good restaurants, after a long hunt we landed up in some random resort. We were so hungry that we didn’t even notice the name of the resort, but it has a beautiful ambiance, and the dishes that they offered us were also delicious.

After finishing the amazing meal, we headed towards the next location that’s “The Big Lake(Yercaud Lake)”, as the name suggests the Lake was very big, here we enjoyed boating for around 1 and a half hours and then left from there to catch up the next location.

Tsk-Diaries-one day trip from Bangalore

Our next spot according to the itinerary was Kiliyur falls, post reaching this spot we quickly grabbed our lunch and after spending some time in a restaurant we were all set to descend down to the main falls.

It was tiring to descend down especially post-lunch because you have to face about 250+ steps as the waterfall is located at a depth of 300 feet. During the trek towards the fall, you can witness the magnificent beauty of nature, once you reach near the falls you can see the water gushing down to form a pool.

We enjoyed a natural shower in the falls and spent some quality time with friends and now it was time for us to head back to our homes.

As soon as we left the spot, it started raining, and nature enhanced its beauty.

Tsk-Diaries-Yercaud Nature

When we were in the mid of Yercaud’s Ghat roads, it started raining even heavier and the beautiful combination of rain, mountains and the hairpin turns of the Ghat section is hard to forget.

We had our night meal at some random KFC branch on the way back to Bangalore from Yercaud Hillstation.

Night Meal at Some random KFC

Around 11 PM we entered Bangalore city and by 12:30 AM we all were back to our homes.

All the above-mentioned locations we explored were never planned, it got added up to our itinerary one by one as suggested by locals. Hence I can tell the localities of Yercaud are helpful, polite, and kind towards their tourists.

This is how our unplanned 1-day trip from Bangalore to Yercaud hillstation on the occasion of my Bestie’s birthday came to an end where we created lots of memories that will remain with us forever and ever.

More places can be explored in Yercaud but due to time constraints, we couldn’t explore all of them. Some of those tourist attractions you can visit are Bears Cave, Kottachedu Teak Forest, Tipperary View Point, Deer Park, Anna Park, Lady’s Seat, Karadiyur Viewpoint, silk and rose garden.

Tsk-Diaries-Fiends forever

Having friends who share the same hobbies and passion gives your life the next level of enjoyment, entertainment, and memories. Cheers to my such crazy friends, and hope many more unplanned cum unforgettable trips are yet to come in the future

Even if you want to share your sweet memories, then write to us and we promise to share the same with the world.

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  1. Oh damn!! It’s been so many years literally I so miss d good old days!!
    Love you guys ❤️🐥

  2. Wow…..after going through your blog i am hoping for pandemic to end soon so that a lazy person like me can explore places.

  3. Such a beautiful description about trip by reading feel that even i’m At the place …..
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  4. Sananda Nandy

    Really love your blogs! So well written and very informative.
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  7. it’s truly worth of a time to read Ur blog bcz it give the information abt the places of our country , applause for Ur effort Nd patients to write and discribe about the places, and thnx for sharing with us such a beautiful memory, pics r awsm

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    Woww Tasneem di.. beautiful trip an surprisingly..an actually unplanned trip it will be amazing..and the picture of sites.. superb..even I want to visit this places..

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